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European Village St. Augustine Historic District

Location: St. Augustine, Florida

Area: 245,000 sq ft

Year: Proposed

A Storied Sanctuary: A New Classical Hotel in St. Augustine

A magnificent new hotel awaits amidst the rich history of St. Augustine. This 220-room masterpiece embodies the enduring elegance of classical architecture, offering luxurious accommodations and a vibrant destination for locals and visitors alike.

Imposing Façade, Corinthian Majesty

The hotel's facade will be captivating, with soaring columns and intricate details. Moldings and trims will adorn the facade, creating a richness of texture and visual interest. Elaborately carved brackets will lend support and visual intrigue to prominent architectural elements, adding a touch of grandeur. The most ornate of the classical orders, Corinthian columns will flank the entrance, exuding a sense of timeless sophistication.

Symphony of Spaces

Each storefront will boast distinctive window trims, drawing visitors in and adding to the streetscape's overall charm. A dedicated convention space will cater to various events, offering a sophisticated and functional environment. A majestic circular tower will be atop the hotel, housing a top-class rooftop restaurant. Floor-to-ceiling windows will offer breathtaking panoramic views of the historic city and shimmering coastline, creating a truly unique dining experience.


This architectural project aspires to become more than just a hotel; it aims to be a landmark destination, a timeless testament to the enduring power of classical architecture in a city steeped in history.

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