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Gateway Detox Center

Location: Jacksonville, Florida

Area: 55,700 sq ft

Year: Proposed

Where architecture fosters healing and hope

Gateway Detox Center ushers in a new era of patient-centered care with its innovative design. This five-story facility prioritizes comfort, privacy, and access to nature, fostering a nurturing environment for individuals seeking recovery.

Breaking the Mold

The traditional boxy form of the building is transcended by an intriguing facade. Vertical bays push and pull the exterior, creating a dynamic wrap that adds visual interest and a sense of movement. This departure from uniformity reflects the center's mission to provide a unique and transformative experience.

Welcoming Spaces

Glass-enclosed screened spaces adorn the entry corners. These inviting sanctuaries offer patients a protected vantage point, allowing them to enjoy the outdoors without compromising security. These areas foster a sense of connection with the surrounding environment and a feeling of openness, even within the secure setting.

Central Courtyard: A Beacon of Light and Nature

The heart of the Gateway Detox Center is a magnificent four-story-tall central courtyard. This innovative design choice ensures that natural light and fresh air permeate all floors, uplifting the spirit and promoting well-being. Patients can access this serene sanctuary, connecting with nature and finding solace in its calming presence.

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