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St. Gerard's Campus

Location: St. Augustine, Florida

Area: 22,400 sq ft

Year: Proposed

Where hope takes root and dreams take flight

St. Gerard Campus, a beacon of hope in the community, offers a holistic approach to supporting young mothers and teen parents. The architectural design reflects this commitment, creating a welcoming and empowering environment that fosters healing, education, and personal growth.

A Place of Unity

The white brick exterior exudes a sense of purity and strength, symbolizing a fresh start for young families. The contrasting dark gray metal standing seam roof adds a touch of modernity and stability. The entryway embodies the inclusivity of St. Gerard's mission. Four distinct entrances serve the Thrift Store, Daycare Center, Pregnancy Center, and Administration. A unifying element is the overarching porch, creating a sense of welcome and community. Fabric awnings bearing signage provides a warm touch and guide visitors to their destination.

Courtyards Fostering Connection

Two courtyards punctuate the building, providing much-needed access to natural light and fresh air. These inviting spaces become havens for young mothers and their children, allowing for socialization, play, and moments of calm amidst a busy day. A dedicated playground allows children to explore and expend energy in a safe and stimulating environment.

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