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Atlantic Beach Mixed-use

Location: Jacksonville, Florida

Area: 24,000 sq ft

Year: Under-construction


Hub of Activity

Envisioning a vibrant mixed-use development that seamlessly blends modern office spaces with dynamic retail experiences. Designed to foster community and energy, the architecture balances functionality and aesthetics.

The structure is a multi-story building with dedicated areas for offices and retail. The lower floors are dedicated to retail, featuring storefronts with large windows for maximum visibility and pedestrian engagement. Imagine trendy cafes, unique boutiques, and flagship stores lining the ground floor, creating a lively streetscape.

The project's crown jewel will be a restaurant accessible from the streets through a grand, welcoming staircase. An expansive outdoor terrace is incorporated alongside the restaurant, allowing diners to enjoy their meals outdoors.


The third floor will house office spaces designed for functionality and comfort. Large windows will provide ample natural light, boosting productivity. A spacious balcony accessible from the office spaces will offer a dedicated area for employees to relax and enjoy the fresh air during breaks.

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